?: surrounding the stock market: last night, U. S. stocks lower, the Dow fell 1.09 percent, the Nasdaq composite fell 0.98%, the S amp; P fell 1.24%, European major stock markets have rose E-CIGARETTE CHINA around a point. E-CIG CHINA New York crude oil futures rose 59 cents, or 47.98, to close at 1.2% U. S. dollars a barrel; New York gold futures fell 20 cents to $1096.2 an ounce. Forward: as a group, they have become the biggest buyers of housing in many western cities, including New York, London, Sydney, Vancouver, Toronto and Oakland.
In the view of Chinese buyers, these places are located in the democratic countries of English speaking, there is a good education system, firstclass quality of life, a strong rule of law and property rights system, so here is a good place for housing. Forwarding:? # our time #? I’m millet network watch millet Gala commercials our time online premiere and smashing golden egg game every day mad send millet n 3, red rice, mobile power supply, millet box and mass f code, forwarding address @ meters Disposable e cigarette in the small company @ millet community?: someone says, body and soul, there is always a in the way to. Owe their own travel, not to wait for the next year’s end of the year awar
d, with the Hot E Cig kits Industrial Bank, along with the tourism financial services to do backing, a certificate, you can say to go, with Xing travel. Forwarded: [international gold prices continued to decline 10kg Zodiac gold coins almost Liupai] originally expected to impact on tens of millions of dollars off 2013 China Kimi snake in 10 kg commemorative gold coin and eventually to 498 million yuan Qipai price hammer; and another one tyrant Gold Big
Mac auction 2011 China Xinmao rabbit in 10 kg commemorative gold coin only with a starting price of 60 million yuan of 460 million yuan turnover, 10 kilograms of gold applauded but does not appeal to the audience. Forwarding?: the extension of pension insurance by the National People’s Congress repair law experts said not yet formed a decision in October 20th, reached a consensus is not equal to set the. In view of the extension of pension insurance payment period, in October 20th, an invited to participate in the last week of the Ministry of social security experts said. Last week’s seminar is a discussion, the old age insurance toplevel design is still in the stage of consultation and discussion, and has not formed the final
plan. The expert said. Forwarding?: [the three quarter GDP growth rate of or 7.7% of the annual target is expected to be released in October 18th this year, the third quarter of this year. Recently a number of macroeconomic data showed China’s economy steady progress trend has become increasingly evident, in recent days the ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA parties analysts expected the third quarter GDP will be better in the second quarter, is expected to reach 7.7%, the annual economic growth rate reached or more than the beginning
of the 7.5% target should be no suspense. Forwarding: member of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress Cai?: China should not implementing a delay retirement] on the morning of October 17, academician of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and member of the National Mechanical Mod and RDA People’s Congress Cai? When accepted the media interview said, at present is not fit for practice to delay retirement, urban vulnerable groups, the new generation of migrant workers and university graduates is