07:34:04 20160302 Author: object i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes the national two sessions held soon, health care reform once again become the focus of public opinion. China Pharmaceutical Enterprise Management Association, Yu Mingde, President of
Kids Nike Air Max Shoes the association of Chinese medicine entrepreneurs have said that cheap drugs are at the rate of dozens of a year to disappear. China Youth Daily more than a dozen dollars a long term penicillin, is currently recognized as the prevention of Streptococcus infection, reduce the recurrence of rheumatic fever and the treatment of rheumatic heart valve disease. Because the price is low, the curative effect is obvious, is favored by the patient. However, longacting penicillin, protamine sulfate injection, he cling to Zun, actinomycetes D, these diseases or surgery commonly used in lowcost medicine is gradually broken, disappeared, resulting in some patients economic burden, even in the face of crisis of medication. commonly used cheap medicine disappeared, the patient’s family and friends only launched the city looking for drugs or drug seeking Internet posting. In the treatment of children with common malignant solid tumors of the D for example, a less than 30 yuan, a course of not more than 12, the treatment effect is good, the side effect is
Mens Nike All Stars Shoes Grey Black small, the average family can afford. Last year, due to the actinomycin D out of stock, but to put on imported drugs nearly 6000 yuan a. Strengthen myocardial contraction of fast and strong heart medicine, 3 yuan a cedilanid disappeared, replaced by 200 yuan a milrinone; heart surgery commonly used drugs, buy air max shoes online 11 yuan a protamine off for, family members of patients had to 300 times the original price of private purchase;
http://www.trentonian.ca/profile/2012202 the treatment of infantile spasms of cure, 7.8 yuan a box buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online of ACTH is out of stock, the black market were scrambled to 4000 i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes yuan. help with cheap drugs, why will the rate of dozens of species disappear every year? the drawbacks of taking medicine with medicine. 2006 issued on further neaten pharmaceuticals and medical service market price order, the intention is to fundamentally solve the masses expensive, but the provisions of the medical institutions at county level buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online and above in the sale of pharmaceuticals can to the actual purchase price as the basis, and no more than 15% of the increase in the sale of pharmaceuticals. Because of the addition i like air max shoes of 15%, the more expensive the patient to use, the more the hospital and the doctor to get the rebate. A 30 yuan of D, the hospital’s addition to only 4.5 yuan, a course of only 54 yuan down. If you change into 6000 yuan a imported drugs, one of the addition is 900 yuan, 12 of the addition is how much? manufacturers do not want to produce. With each box of 7.8 yuan ACTH, for example, only 2% of the profits. Doctors recommend patients to use expensive imported drugs and new drugs has long been an open secret. Doctors are reluctant to open lowcost drugs, the efficacy of lowcost drugs again the patient will need, once a minority demand, pharmaceutical companies are naturally reluctant to production. third is the intermediate links, needless
Kids Nike NBA Star Shoes to say, the more expensive drugs, the higher the rebate. Production and sales do not make money, not to make money, cheap medicines disappear,
Nike All Stars Shoes expensive drugs.