The central bank issued a statement today said that with immediate effect will further improve the RMB exchange rate in the middle of the offer, the central parity of the exchange rate between the bank’s foreign exchange market. The central parity of RMB today has cut E-CIG CHINA more than 1000 points, the largest decline in history.In this regard, financial commentator Ren Yiran believes that: today’s exchange rate of the RMB event to let the market is very surprised, in the long term, will be good for the formation of the real economy; in the short term, the stock market is bound to three cities are a major bad. This event will greatly affect the recent trend of the stock market, or by future days turnover shrinking, liangnengbuzu, stock
differentiation serious, but also do not have too much panic, based on the market today, the compressive capacity analysis, recently appeared less probability of market crash and maintain a greater probability of sideways! source: @ Ren Yiran 1. in order to steady growth, the central mother of exchange rate to get rid of. The RMB exchange rate is the dollar. The United States, so that the appreciation of the RMB 30%, the euro, the Australian dollar, the yen and other major currencies, all is a substantial appreciation, which not only made the export pressure on the manufacturing industry, Mechanical Mod and RDA the competitiveness of a step down, but also from
the of the RMB and capital projects open reform is also very far. If you want to improve the competitiveness of exports,
like financial reform, it is necessary to let
the devaluation of the renminbi down! The next 2. consequences, is a variety of hot money will scramble to flee. For the stock market, the devaluation of the RMB has been a more than a year of mine, the old saw it, but also the old is not deep fried, you have to make E-CIGARETTE CHINA everyone numb, quite a mentality of death. Did not think today is really deep fried, many people are slow but God Hot E Cig kits come. All previous devaluation of the RMB is accompanied by a decline in A shares, the exchange rate adjustment from the suspension into the immediate implementation of the stock market, the impact of light! On the one hand, the devaluation of the renminbi is expected, once formed, will lead to the outflow ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA of hot money, Ashare liquidity environment will rapidly tightening; on the other hand, the devaluation of the renminbi Disposable e cigarette will lead to declining domestic currency assets valuation, resulting in weaker financial, real estate, and other related sectors, dragged down the overall market. 3. outflow of hot money, after the stock market, the stock will face second major bleeding. House leakage slants meet even on a rainy night, a shares just to leverage, will usher in the U.S. dollars plus the expected bad and the devaluation of the RMB to the reality of the bad. Last year to cut interest rates after the stock market Yiqijuechen, rely on leverage funds to promote support. Correspondingly, corporate profits have not really improved, the entity does not come, the stock market up after the end is also going to go back. Leverage the characteristics of the city, is the height you do not know where it is low and do not know where. To leverage and shares suffered their first major bleeding; the devaluation of the renminbi, stock market suffered another second hemorrhage, coupled with the real economic situation and the market panic, it seems that this round of price ominous! 4. look at the data, the number of heart. National Bureau of statistics data show that in July China Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index PMI is 50%, compared with last month down 0.2 percentage points, the first decline in five months. Just released July CPI data, more than expected, an increase of 1.6%, showing that inflation and the wave of. General