Fang Zhouzi we humans are mammals, one of the characteristics of mammals is the whole body dressed in hair. But humans are more special, almost all of the body’s hair off the light, and only a few places there are thick hair, the most significant is I love Nike air foamposite pro the hair. Although the hair is thick, but also the most easy to fall off, and with the growth of age, shedding more and more powerful. In adolescence, the growth rate of hair is the fastest. By about 40 years old, the hair follicles began to age, the speed of hair loss than the update speed, the hair is also less and less, and more and more fine. In addition to age,
Kevin Durant V Shoes Women Online Sale there are a lot of factors that affect the growth and regeneration of hair, such as malnutrition, mental stress may lead to hair I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women loss. But one of the most important factors is gender. About 14 of men from the age of 21 have a bald trend, 35 years old, about 23 of men have a certain degree of hair loss, and to the age of 85%, 50 of men’s hair is significantly scarce. The man’s hair loss 95% has obvious characteristics, belong to the male pattern hair loss: hair back, head of hair fell faster than the surrounding. Why is it easier for a man to lose his hair than a
Mens Kevin Durant Shoes Black White Blue woman? Is not related to male hormones? Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men you ‘re right There are several male hormones, which are related to it? Is not the most content of testosterone? Not, but the two testosterone derived from testosterone. About 5% of the testosterone is converted to a 5 alpha reductase by a catalyst that is converted to two hydrogen testosterone. Two the amount of testosterone is small, but the power is large, and the ability to combine the male hormone receptor is ten Nike Air Max Sale For kids to several times the amount of testosterone. They are most active in the two areas of the prostate and I buy Nike air foamposite one the head of the scalp, because of genetic reasons, some people are born to them especially sensitive. In the prostate, the combination of testosterone and androgen receptors, two, stimulates cell proliferation, which can lead to prostate enlargement. And on the scalp, the combination of two hydrogen testosterone and androgen receptor let the hair follicle I like Nike foamposite one atrophy, hair follicle growth cycle becomes shorter, the long hair is getting thinner. Eventually, the hair is very thin, invisible to the naked eye or disappear completely. The hair on the head, to protect the function of heat preservation, but why men generally have a bald trend? Baldness has protective effect what survival advantage can be stronger than the hair? This may be because the hair is also a social symbol, can affect people’s impression. The intelligent head no hair this argument is no scientific basis, but it reflects the people’s subconscious psychological, feel the bald man more mature, more experience and wisdom. This kind of psychology, perhaps is a kind of instinct. In other primates, such as chimpanzees and gorillas, the hair on the head after puberty will gradually become less, and this usually increases their social status in the group. Even so the gorilla
Kevin Durant V Shoes Men Online Sale has a prominent forehead, let the bald is more obvious. So, in the history of human evolution, balding man may have the survival advantage, and the genes associated
Kevin Durant Men Shoes Online Sale with it the propagation and preservation. But in the modern society, hair loss is more caused by people’s troubles. Although the male pattern hair loss and is not a disease caused by, harmless to the body, but people always want to think of it as a disease to treat, since ancient times has numerous treatments for hair loss recipe, recipe in the spread. But so far it is only two.