The hubbub of the price war to the present, the organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries OPEC continue to increase, sluggish domestic demand in China, the United States leapt from E-CIG CHINA the crude oil import country become selfsufficient in the small traders, the current international crude oil market exactly is what pattern, and how to develop the pattern of this? , and both are in dollars, so they are in a reverse direction with the dollar, which is now the dollar’s appreciation cycle, whether it is gold or crude oil, are going down. Only gold in the face of crisis, the rise of the more obvious, while crude oil is only when the overheating of the economy, jumped out to fluctuate, as of 2007. br data show that WTI crude oil fell 4% to $40.91 barrel, Brent crude also fell to the 47 U. s.dollars barrel, which make people or glasses. Some people say that the United States to play the United States through the oil to Disposable e cigarette Russia, is E-CIGARETTE CHINA a big country between the economic wa
r, and from the effect to see also true. To sell oil as a
raw Russian can be described as a bad word, a month’s devaluation of 8%, 3 months of devaluation of 30%, to know that this Hot E Cig kits is not the first time, the end of last year, the currency has been a major crisis, the last devaluation of
70%, which makes Russia’s economy a serious recession. Russia’s central bank in June had predicted that if oil prices remain at $40 barrel range, the Russian economy will appear in 2017 for third consecutive years of contraction. So a lot of people think
that Americans are powerful, the cold war can not solve the problem, so that the crude oil war to solve the. br and now not only the Middle East in the competition Americans out of aggravating, before the United States has is an importer of crude oil, so the United States despite mastering the pricing right of crude oil,
but also can not play too much, for fear of the middle of this help do not fly brothers if squeezed too ruthless defection, that is, there is a crisis of crude oil. So the two sides always live together peacefully, until last year American Mechanical Mod and RDA shale oil breakthrough. Then, the oil consumption of the United States not only does not eat the oil ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA has also sold out, from a big consumer into the supply, which makes the supply and demand of the world’s crude oil instantaneous distortion. According to statistics, since 2007, the day of crude oil production increased 80% to the current 950 million barrels a day, the United States has thus transformed as the world’s largest oil producer. At present, although the United States still imports of crude oil