The long shadow of on the day we call the heartbroken line, has short significance. Today is close to a low point. In the trend they have no value, shortterm estimates are not much significance. For retail hope eventually worry heartbroken. the major indices are a collection of Yin, the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 decline is not small, small record the largest decline, gem decline of 4.56%. The Shanghai stock market closed at 2655, the gem from September last year to 1906, the low 1779 yards. Shanghai volume 167 billion 400 million, 19% QoQ shrinking, shrinking belongs to sell. Gem volume 63 billion 300 million, the chain 23% is shrinking, shrinking sell. The city’s net outflow of funds 40 billion 600 million, the major index of all net outflow, the CSI 300 net outflow of 7 billion 100 million, relatively large, small and mediumsized maximum outflow. Classification of funds, the net outflow of more than a total of 29 billion 800 million single main funds, the net inflow of small single, industry funds face, only
Mens Air Jordan 12 New White Red Orange a slight inflow of highspeed oil, the other is in the outflow. Software services electronic components machinery and electronic information a substantial outflow, the brokerage pharmaceutical manufacturing outflow is also in the forefront, the blue chip sector is also a large blue chip outflow. Subject matter is similar, only the Department of Ze hee and oil prices related to a slight inflow, the other is in the outflow. Large large outflow, the margin outflow of 17 billion 100 million, very large.
Air Jordan Shoes Men Wholesale i love jordan nubuck men technology, 2700 hold, there are shortterm Fanchou opportunities, but have not resorted to the killer, not surprisingly missed 2700. Ultra shortterm next step will look at the 2580 line. 2600 be nothing difficult. sectors and stocks, brokerage financial big and small wound without force, the market has low morale, which is not the main market. Big financial decline of the minimum, the bank also fell by 1%, the insurance decline in the 1.87%, brokerage is higher than the decline in the impact of more than 2.48%. The military fell more than 8%, or top; transfer potential, satellite navigation, or in the forefront of vitamin. stock price limit 12:256 not st, more than 5% decline in the proportion of 27:1362. Extremely weak. operation, if today hold 2700, close out of the cross there is a shortterm opportunity to. But we have said that the realization of this condition
Air Jordan 13 New Packing Men Wholesale is only one possible, that is, large financial firms and small and medium innovation together up, this is the experience of the 2850 rebound. The result is i love cheap jordans wholesale the separation of the two, there is no resultant force. The final nishajuxia. super shortterm support, 2600 of this integer never be nothing difficult, with resistance. 2580 nearby there is a little support. But in the face of the trend, all the resistance is futile. continue to wait and see.