the performance of China’s stock market is weak, in the world’s last two the only able to compete with China is vietnam. But there was a financial crisis in Vietnam and China did not. Only half a year time, Ashare market total 617 stocks were cut in two at the waist, a
drop of more than four percent of the stock up to 1038 only; and in the 1500 only transactions recorded in a shares, only 78 stocks risen. Retail institutions, more than nine full quilt, the loss of investors. At present, total market capitalization of the
Shanghai and Shenzhen has by the end of last
year 32 trillion yuan level fell to 1.78 trillion yuan, the total market value evaporated nearly 15 trillion yuan. Disposable e cigarette why is China’s stock market so vulnerable? , China’s stock market transparency, regulatory confusion only refinancing months of turmoil in the stock market, the index more than 5200 points from breath E-CIGARETTE CHINA pressure to below 4000 points. Regulators face a strong vested interests in the background of the group. As for the rat, insider trading, accounting reporting fraud and so on illegal behavior, lawlessness, making capital market become the law of the jungle, is a growing number of investors to recognize and leave. This is a gradually being spurned by the market, it hurt investors too hard! Moreover, regulators often promote the stability of the market, while making the opposite action. For example, the pace of new shares issued and so on. second, the size of China’s stock market is not a problem, but Europe and the United States, emerging capital markets are not the problem. As a result, the Chinese stock market is more vulnerable than any other market in the world. third, the price of resources is increasing the cost of the enterprise, the profit margins of the listing Corporation. Although the semi annual report is optimistic, but the stock market as a reflection of the E-CIG CHINA future economic trend, it is very pessimistic. The distortion of the resource price mechanism caused by price controls also has many negative effects, and these effects have not been eliminated. For example, the suppression of oil prices, making the oil, Sinopec from the profit to a loss, its share price fell by the corresponding. Actually, if count on expenses and other factors, China’s prices are not low, the launch of the vested interest group flame retardant Hot E Cig kits oil tax, manufacturing domestic oil prices have been far below the huge gap between the international oil prices, in his personal gain at the same time, also let foreign consumers of refined oil Kuangzhuan affordable, and in country economy and the taxpayer has paid a painful price, and still continue to pay. High oil prices have been ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA covered up! National Bureau of statistics released in May the latest statistics show that from Mechanical Mod and RDA 1 to May, the national scale industrial enterprises realized profits of 1094400000000 yuan, an increase of 16.5%, although the first two months of 20.9% have improved, but the profit growth over the same period last year decreased by 21.2 percentage points. This is not a good sign.