Interpretation of a 2 month profit data of industrial enterprises today, Beijing March 27, National Bureau of industry of Dr. He Ping said, 1 to 2 months, total profits of Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size growth of 4.8%,
Lebron James Soldier 6 to increase the profit of 3 billion 55.4 million yuan, has been a change in the profit decline in 2015 (2.3% profit drop 2015). discount lebron james website He Ping said that the profit growth of industrial enterprises from negative to positive, the main reasons include the following aspects: first, the acceleration of industrial product sales growth. In January and February, above scale industrial enterprises the main business income compared to the same period growth of 1%, than the same period last year grew by 2015, speed up 0.2 percentage points, i love jordan nubuck men compared with December’s increase of 1.6% (December 2015, main business revenue fell by 0.6%), industrial workshop price decline narrowed. 1-2 months, industrial producer prices (PPI) fell 5.1%, a decline of 0.1 percentage points, compared with 2015 has narrowed, narrowed 0.8 percentage points, compared with 2015 in December. The positive impact of price decline narrowed on corporate profit growth. Three, oil processing, motor and food discount kids air jordan shoes industry profit growth contribution is obvious. First, oil processing, chemical industry profit growth. 1 to 2 months, to benefit from lower oil prices and refined oil pricing mechanism adjustment, oil processing coking and nuclear fuel processing industries from the same period of losses, profits, new profits. Chemical raw materials
Lebron James Olympic Low Top Men and chemical products manufacturing industry profit growth of 16.2% yuan, profit, growth rate of 8.5 percentage points higher than i like air jordan shoes men the 2015. Influence of industry above scale industrial enterprises profit growth rate increased by 2015 percentage points, accounting for 4.9. Two is the electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing industry profit growth accelerated. In January and February, due to the upgrading of the part of the enterprise products, the rapid development of intelligent products and brought the benefits of growth, mechanical and electrical equipment manufacturing industry profits increased by 25% and 103.2 billion yuan of new profit, affecting to above Designated Size Industrial enterprises profit growth by 0.7 percentage points. Three is the food industry maintained a good profit growth. 1 to 2 months, due to a steady demand growth, part of the decline in prices of raw materials, agricultural and sideline products processing industry profits year-on-year growth of 14.9%, profit of 617 million yuan; 14.8% growth in food manufacturing, to increase the profit of 38 million yuan in 6000, total profits of industrial enterprises rose by 0.8 percentage points above, an increase of percentage points. It is worth noting that 1 to 2 months, although the profits of industrial enterprises have a certain growth, but compared with the same period last year. 201512 months, industrial enterprises profit fell 4.2%. If compared with the same i like lebron james 2016 period last year, this year’s profit growth of 0.4%, 1 to 2 months, has the characteristics of restoring growth. We should see, facing industrial enterprise production and management difficulties still
Lebron James Olympic Shoes Women more. First, mining and raw materials industry profits i love cheap jordans wholesale fell sharply. 1 to February, the mining industry profits fell 121.1%, profitability, non-ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry profits fell 72.9%. The two is still a large pressure on business inventories. At the end of 2, while the finished goods inventory growth fell sharply, but the industry