Original title: military deployment of military and police forces a full cessation of paid services the people’s Liberation Army Daily, Beijing News on March 27, the Central Military Commission recently released the about the army and police full cessation of paid services in the activities of the notice & gt; & gt; army i love cheap jordans wholesale and police forces full stop paid service work officially started. "Notice" pointed out that the Central Military Commission plans to use about 3 years time, step by step to prevent the armed forces and the armed police force of discount kids air jordan shoes all i like lebron james 2016 paid services. To the national social i like air jordan shoes men security mission into
Lebron James Olympic Shoes Women the development of civil military integration. Since the "notice" issued, all units shall not be new contracts perform external paid service activities, which, because of the external compensation service contract shall not re negotiation, to immediately stop military contracts. " Notice
Lebron James Soldier 6 also proposed a comprehensive payment services to stop the activities of the main principles and supporting measures, the reform of expenditure management approach, the establishment of relevant post subsidy system, a variety of discount lebron james website issues in a i love jordan nubuck men clear way." "Notice" stressed that the army and the armed police force to completely stop paid services, is a
Lebron James Olympic Low Top Men major political task is a major political task. At all levels should strengthen their political consciousness, dress consciousness, the sense of order, strict political discipline and rules, with a high degree of political consciousness and a strong sense of responsibility feeling, and to display, odor and other sports, grasping, to ensure that the instructions of the Central Military Commission, the implementation of decision. Source: Liberation Army Daily editor: Wang Haocheng article keywords: armed forces military service