Visit the blog: 837020 bloggers integral: 7210 Bowen number: the value of 214 articles a fishbone medical price is the baton of medical behavior. Unreasonable medical price, gave birth to the unreasonable medical behavior and patients to bring many hidden hazards amp; I love Nike air foamposite pro recently, Jiangsu Changzhou Ms. Jiang at the dinner table, accidentally swallowed a fishbone, due to the deep fishbone Calder, pain, he came to the hospital and was admitted to the to do the surgery. Discharge checkout, Jiang found that the total cost of 5562 yuan, the feeling is expensive, and therefore questioned the hospital I buy Nike air foamposite one charges. As the saying goes: with a fishbone in the throat, i. Since the fishbone has been pulled, why hospital patients complaints? The problem is that the throat cool, unhappy mind. Because the medical expenses beyond the psychological expectations of patients. In the patients with heart, pull hair like fishbone, spend tens of dollars enough. In line with this psychological price, is reasonable; more than the psychological price, is not reasonable. In fact, expensive and not expensive, there is no absolute standard, the key is to choose what kind of reference. If you pull fishbone as
Nike Shoes China to repair the car, the conclusion also will be different. For example, the engine of a car is stuck, need to disassemble the repair,
Mens Kevin Durant 8 150805031charge 5000 yuan, most people will think it is reasonable. The most complex machine in the world is the human body. The human body
Kevin Durant 4 Men Shoes Online Sale is a black box, are full of uncertainty. Hair reason can be reborn, car repair can be repaired, but life can not be repeated, any diagnosis or treatment failure, will lead to irreparable consequences. Therefore, to train a doctor, than to train a barber,
Kevin Durant Shoes Online Sale aftermarket division more difficult. Qualified doctors, at least after 5 years of undergraduate plus 3 years of residency standardized training, in order to see a doctor. If you want to become a specialist, but also after a number of years of rigorous training. The doctor is far higher than the technical content of the car. Pull a fishbone 5000 yuan, whether there is any basis? According to the current public hospital charges, if the fishbone stuck in the throat of relatively shallow place, with a pair of pliers can be pulled out, charge also tens of dollars. However, if the fishbone stuck in the esophagus, the situation is complicated. In case of punctured blood vessels, may endanger life. In this event, I like Nike foamposite one the fishbone stuck in the esophagus deep, doctors do a surgery to remove the fishbone. The patient was hospitalized for two days after operation, and the digestive tract was confirmed to be discharged after the operation. Generally speaking, do a general anesthesia surgery, the need for five or six people’s team to complete, coupled with two days of hospitalization, charges 5000 yuan, is not considered outrageous, it is not illegal. However, pull the fishbone charge I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women is not illegal, does not mean that the medical price system of our country is reasonable. For a long Nike Air Max Sale For kids time, the price of medical technology service in our country is seriously low, the technical service of doctors and nurses is not worth the money, and can not reflect the labor value. For example, a nurse to lose a liquid, labor charges only 2 yuan, but also not enough money to a bottle of Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men mineral water, doctors do a advanced lung cancer resection, surgery can only charge seven hundred or eight hundred yuan, it is better to repair a mobile phone. The doctor in order to