always, the woman’s money seems to always be the best earned. A small box of oil can be sold even more expensive than gold, which is the value of the product? Obviously not, the actual value of the small box of chemical items may be a few dollars, but it can be a premium on a thousand times, which is the premium because it is not loaded with chemicals, but the pursuit of beauty, the beauty of the dream. beauty of the heart of people, which is the eternal topic of ancient times. The netizen said: South Korea women love makeup, China woman love PS. This simple truth is truth. We see South Korea cosmetics sales in China are growing day by day and a large number of women to the United States to knife Korea cosmetic, willing to run the risk of disfigurement. p to see circle of friends derivative first fortune turned out to be Mask, regardless of whether the toxic, so long as can let oneself become beautiful, there are still a large number of women in droves, so female economic core is beauty economy. This can also understand why women’s mobile phone must be installed a Mito Xiu Xiu, beauty camera App, why
Mens Charles Barkley Posite Max Shine Shoes Yellow Blackthe microblogging, circle of friends make a blueprint of women are beautiful, even if they do not buy high priced cosmetics, beauty can also to their own side of the United States to show friends, friends. p and the development of Mito Xiu Xiu, the beauty of the camera and so on can make the person become beautiful app is the Xiamen is located in Mito, and not in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen Center City, but still can obscure became an indispensable tool for the beauty of the female. The expansion of the beauty economy let the company getting faster and faster, from PC to mobile app, and then extended to the intelligent hardware, recently there has been news said, will release a game for women. Obviously, in the face of massive users before the United States figure has been quickly get rid of the simple flow of cash only by advertising to make money. women’s most consumer spending power is also the most consumer potential p Mito company has been around the beauty economy products, the road seems very narrow, because its user base basically are women. So, what is the consumption ability of female? Forbes magazine article said: The Economist Intelligence think tank data show that in mainland China, the average contribution of women to family income rose from 20% in 1980 to only 50%. Chinese women or will become the largest electricity suppliers market development. According to , the International Finance Corporation from a global point of view, the female annual control of about $20 equivalent to about 124 yuan of consumer spending. would like to think that in every Chinese family, is not a woman in charge of the family’s account, is not a woman dominated the family’s consumption trends? Survey data show that 77.3% of married women decide the family to eat, wear, and daily necessities, the choice and purchase. Only from this point, the female’s

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