there are dozens of friends came to ask me how to look at the anti American fighters immigration American simana today. I say that anyone has the right to choose a better place for their own and their wives and children to live and develop their lives. However, I can understand some of the user’s anger, such as Mechanical Mod and RDA two small left injustice to me, since he Sima Nan to himself to choose a better place, it should not come to us ; to ask my friends no matter about, most of them feel extremely surprised, because in their view, Sima with is two incompatible concepts, but now Tiancheng, like a duck to water, they look not to understand. in fact, this is a naive disease. You know, the real USA democracy speaks the most ruthless, the theory is the basis of the living in the west left? But they have never been to the north or China for political claims. ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA I might as well tell you that China is really over E-CIGARETTE CHINA worship of the United States and the opportunity to get the opportunity to send their children
out, on the surface are mostly anti Mei. ; p I told you about another thing, in the eighties of t
he last century and the end of the 1990s in a department for national security and made a statistics list, and was surprised to find, the children of the leaders of the left leaning party state is large range of sent to the United States and other Western countries to study, live, while those right side, mostly children actually still in the development of the continent, and at most to the Hong Kong. Later on how I

do not know, because I do not see a similar statistics. ; on Chinese people in the United States and the west, the left than the right to popular, I have repeatedly written argument of this argument. some even say that do not understand the left academics, but more than those of the right wing of the scholars to the western academic community and the government’s favor, of course, one of the Hot E Cig kits reasons is that these socalled leftist mostly representative of the official, the United States officials want to understand the Chinese government’s policy and intent. But this is not the only reason, not even the main reason. is the main reason for the west is more willing to listen to the voice of the Chinese left, saying that they say to the u.s.. what is the reason? It’s too complicated to talk about American nature, or from my personal experience. ; p I once wrote an article why am I criticize China, wrote I at the beginning what all don’t understand, is yincuoyangcha to America’s top military think tank as a fellow. Then I in this super cynics often Disposable e cigarette face American generals do not know the immensity of heaven and earth, began to debate international and military issues, can be described as a verbal battle group. Now in retrospect, I because of professional knowledge is not enough, almost all of the emotional criticism and even attack. E-CIG CHINA However, I am very seriously, they always try to let me say to the United States of discontent. ; but I have lived for a long time, and I found myself in the United States of America’s hegemony especially for
China, but this country.