Spring Festival, the rural customs and the construction of spiritual civilization began to warm up the topic. Shanghai girl escape in rural areas in Jiangxi, the article in the aftermath of the, some media reporters to write a series of returned knowledge, is hot baked. Other media have set up such as new year to go grassroots column, focus on the vast rural land. and there are a lot of, to our delight, for example, micro letter envelopes, voice chat, video etc. in many big city to pay New Year’s call Internet plus festival, now has air plant in some rural areas. For example, in the mountains of the Gala hot, attract the city, many people came to celebrate the new year, and rural people to do their own Spring Festival, and so on. but, in this one, there are some things that make us uneasy. Under the pen of a magazine reporter, his hometown in the Northeast China a very remote rural, is such a picture of the circumstances: filial piety has gone. For some families, the elderly people at home is no longer a bles
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Lebron James 10 MYP Men p coincidentally, Xinhua article also revealed, today in the mountainous area of Western Hubei, many rural national car, in fact, is heavily in debt. Some people buy a car, not because of the abundance of life, but for the sake of mutual competition for face. Henan media disclosure, rural young man to marry a daughterinlaw to live this bride off, at least tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, hundreds of thousands p we don’t deny that, above all, is not
Lebron James 10 Low Top Men the moment rural all, and which may lack reporter cursory, superficial and lead to We should not let such a fragment of the landscape, the impact of our current situation in rural areas to determine the impact i love cheap jordans wholesale of our future for the bright future