; the era of traditional discount lebron james website media is in the past, but the new golden i like air jordan shoes men age of the media is on the way, especially for those who have been engaged in the writing of the critics. ; this is what I have to say the most in the past 2015 years, it is an objective description, but also a self motivation. we witness more and more traditional media to hasten death. In Shanghai, my own service Shanghai Daily, this year, the official publication, this discount kids air jordan shoes year signed off as well as in the past in the reader very good reputation of the Shanghai
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Lebron James 10 Shoes Women paper still live for the state of the economy are accelerating to fall, leaving them a day less than a day. p but 2015 can also be called from the media first year, currently active in the millions of mobile phone i love cheap jordans wholesale users in the most successful the word definition is very vague of the micro channel from the media, not founded this year is fame began in this year. A small number of new media projects established by the traditional media, but also on the line or began to be concerned about this year. Of course, they have not bee
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http://www.theorbstore.com/Blog/nike-wholesale-china-are-the-last-of-the-fashionable-design-recently.html that they used to love so much of the media world, switch to other prospects seem brighter. Of course, this is beyond the scope of this article. p amp; nbsp amp; amp; in short, if you do a simple summary of, the current situation is: traditional media irreversible decline, new media in all directions to try and explore you Changba my debut, but few convincing sustainable success model. This makes the era left us a chaotic, fragmented and the overall impression of the turbulent. p in fact, not only is our industry, i love jordan nubuck men the whole world is such through the end of the cold war since 20 years of stability and prosperity, the traditional order of global governance is disintegrated, the idea behind the new system and has not yet sprouted. In the next phase of the vacuum, chaos and disorder will be a new normal. The superposition of p environment and the small environment, embodied in media, both in traditional media and new media, content production, appear i like lebron james 2016 than all other industries for example, the same by the impact of the Internet, the traditional retail business more of a dilemma, flurried flawless. On the one hand, the public need the media to help them rebuild their sense of order, and to better understand the world. On the other hand, the media industry’s own confusion disorder lead to its ability to do not have the ability to end up with a qualified content feast. The traditional media basic low morale, divided in public opinion.