"A year’s plan is in the spring". Coincides with the spring plowing in this critical period, the reporter in-depth Shandong, Anhui, Shaanxi, Heilongjiang and other multiple grain main producing areas in the
Blake Griffin Shoes Men interview found that large grain due to the decline in food prices experienced the Plight "high yield did not increase, and some are being reduced planting
Blake Griffin Shoes II Men area, and some have been" surrender "phenomenon of land. In this regard, the industry and experts pointed out that which is not conducive to the
Blake Griffin Shoes Women implementation of the State encourages support large grain, family farm policy, will also lay hidden national food security. In the future, we should improve the mechanism of grain price, make good use of the function of grain subsidy, pay attention to the structural reform of the agricultural supply side, seize the favorable opportunity of the agricultural transition, and adjust the agricultural structure. Large grain confidence to sell at a discount greatly this year spring plowing in the process of new equipment, new facilities, new services, reduce the cost of agricultural production and improve the production efficiency, has brought new impetus to agriculture. When a reporter asked about the agricultural production this year whether to have the confidence and surveyed large grain has shown positive and confused two state of mind. In late March, Shandong, Anhui and other places around the spring tide surging, a busy spring plowing. See Wang Cuifen of Shandong
Mens Blake Griffin Shoes II Olive Green Province, Gaomi City large grain, she is their own Medina pouring. 10 sprinkler lined up, a sprinkler watering width covering ten meters. "An acre of land less than an hour to finish, very fast, one day a machine pouring more than 30 acres." Cui Fen Wang said that water also save a lot of, the previous flood irrigation, Mu to 40 square water (Dun Shui), now water saving, energy saving, high efficiency of sprinkler is 16 water. "The most important is to save artificial, now artificial 150 yuan / day, if use
https://www.diigo.com/user/haiklosterman8 diesel engine flood irrigation together with the human, the cost to much higher." Wang Cuifen told reporters, a one-time investment of large irrigation machines, the price of a 30 thousand yuan to 100 thousand yuan, the state has a number of subsidies, they spend 6, 7 into the money. New equipment has also been favored by farmers in Heilongjiang. In Heilongjiang Beidahuang Agriculture Co., Ltd. eighth ninth company organs backyard, rice planting households around the two rice transplanter listen to technical personnel to explain, from time to time, people come up with a mobile phone camera. "This is not an ordinary rice transplanter, but has deep side fertilizing and transplanting machine." For the years of rice Jiapeng said the transplanting machine is the biggest characteristic is in planting and lateral deep application of granular compound fertilizer, can reduce the amount of fertilizer, improve seedling surface fertilizer utilization rate, achieve the control fertilizer efficiency, the effect of planting green. "I have confidence in the prospects of agricultural production." Anhui Liuan city Yu’an District Fen Lu Kou Zhen family farmers Ming Kuei Huang said that he transfer of 2000 acres of land, although the low efficiency of grain last year, but the overall count down income of more than 30 million yuan. His confidence comes from the government’s agricultural policy. At the end of last year covers an area of 4 acres of hardening bleachery in place, while benefiting from government subsidies. He also bought a drying machine, built a warehouse. Director of the Bureau of agriculture, Wenshang County, Shandong Province Wang Xiuzhong said the wheat growing area of Wenshang County this year, about 73 million acres, and last year was basically flat. "Planting corn and wheat prices because of the acquisition policy to prop up on the backing, so planting area changed little, people still have confidence, now should be worried, but Shandong farmers have the habit of planting for a long time, all of a sudden nor valence