This year’s September 10th is the thirtyfirst teacher’s day, in order to thank the teachers, Nanning City, a wide range of activities to carry out a wide range of activities, for the teacher’s
blessing. Warm embrace, DIY cards, handmade pot These blessings are entrusted with every kind of new students to the teacher’s gratitude adoration. XiXiangTang District Education Bureau of Nanning city to carry out various activities to meet the teachers’ day today, China is the thirtyfirst teachers’ day. At 9 o’clock in the morning and, XiXiangTang District, Nanning City Bureau of education in Tian Xiu elementary school held a teacher’s Day recognition cum advanced teachers deeds of the report, extend my greetings and best wishes to the city district, the majority of educators. [with] the 12th EASTPO will 27 forum activities to broaden the Nanning channel on September 10th, Guangxi News Network reporter learned from the China ASEAN Expo Secretariat, the 12th session of the China ASEAN Expo will focus on China and ASEAN and other along the way countries along the key areas of cooperation in the, held 27 forum activities, the content involves multiple transport, ports, finance, science and technology, environmental protection, education, culture and other fields. [with] Nan
ning informed 10 people around amp; four wind amp; and the problem E-CIGARETTE CHINA of corruption typical cases of the Mid Autumn Festival on the eve of national day, CPC Nanning City Commission for Discipline Inspection informed the 10 happen around the masses four winds and the problem of corruption typical cases, so that the people truly see, feel and enjoy Mechanical Mod and RDA a comprehensive strictly results. This year, the Nanning municipal discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels have occurred in the masses around the four
winds and corruption cases 151, 36 people responsible for. [detailed] Nanning to carry out PM10 hundred days crucial action focus on remediation of eight major projects in September 10th, reporters from Nanning City Environmental Protection Bureau was informed that, in order to ensure the completion of this year’s PM10 control objectives, Nanning City, city during the two sessions in September 1st, the Nanning air pollution prevention and control work leading group will carry out a 120 day in Nanning City, continuous improvement of environmental air quality PM10. [with] drama the choice and welfare perform a visual feast
cleanses the soul on the evening of September 9, to commemorate the Seventieth Anniversary of the victory of the Chinese people’s Disposable e cigarette Anti Japanese War and the world anti fascist war, Guangxi Museum of art and the masses of the drama in the Star Theater held the second public performances, play the wonderful story touched the audience. [with] 2015 China ASEAN automobile rally held the E-CIG CHINA second speed match ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA on the morning of 9 Hot E Cig kits 2015, China ASEAN rally match the second race in the rain held in the Rong City of highway 10. The game will participate in the 38.7kmh driver about 20 kilometers road race speed. [with] emotional entanglements, Baise, a man street murder was arrested on the night of Sept. 9 21 30 points Xu, the woman yellow A in Xiangyang Lu, Youjiang District, Baise City, was man Luo holding a sharp Street killing. Reporters learned from the Baise Public Security Bureau Youjiang branch, this is
the case of intentional injury deaths due to emotional entanglement, the suspect Luo has been controlled by the police. [with] in September 9th, the people’s Armed Forces Department of Liuzhou County, the new soldiers]