today the market opened sharply lower, then share in the period under the leadership of once the decline narrowed, and turned red, the afternoon diving. Volume compared to the previous trading day has shrunk, compared to the motherboard, the gem is relatively weak. On
the disk, the new energy vehicles in early trading ushered in a big outbreak, become a major bright spot in the market. Related concepts leading stocks have to limit, port shipping Tibet and other Hot E Cig kits plate, have a strong performance, a sharp rise in stocks, military assets, such as the strength of the plate before a change, hot spots appear conversion Mechanical Mod and RDA signs. The weight continues to be vulnerable to hit the disc significantly. today, network failure, market analysis, simple to say a few words, today the market closed with a shadow of the candle, closed below the 5 line, show that the shortterm stock index is still Disposable e cigarette in a relatively weak pattern, the downward pressure on the 10 day, we have said, this line is short in the uplink system about stock index, as in the previous 5 line pressure, forcing the index downward, but all this just shows what we expected, the fluctuation of stock index in line 30, repeated below, to accumulate the E-CIGARETTE CHINA number k, the intention is
very obvious, is up down 30 lines, multi momentum, later we will see the 30 day go down flat, and will be very easy. K. Now the stock is also as expected in the box at the bottom of the repeated fluctuations, shrinkage to run, the main take raise obvious signs, also at this stage, not the firm of stock ownership investment cleaning. so we say, near the bottom of the late pit is to give us
the best chance to chase down. MACD line up to close adhesion, multi energy, for the future of the stock to form a strong push in the ready. At present, the situation of the network is not good analysis, the small cycle here is no longer say, we will
do a more detailed analysis of the live broadcast. Want to know more detailed points when the situation, you can watch a successful live every day. p the daily trend we have clear after, will not repeat them here, live we also have highlighted the transfer period, today is simple said so much, the network of reason, in early trading before committed several outstanding
disciples, in the firm to senior Shidishimei who look good. To see their outstanding performance, it is very gratifying. p the first week of August, shattering the market trend is not simple, as the history the most serious crash, post disaster reconstruction the key a month, August is shouldering the role of connecting link between the preceding and the following. As long as this month will not appear the trend of collapse, E-CIG CHINA the market confidence will be further recovery. p thus, this month will be the real swords and spears, straddle both sides of the decisive moment, as in the first week of August, ending the ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA war. On Friday, the market trend feel extraordinary, we believe that Friday after the market will appear huge shock, out of proven lows trend, let all people terrified. operation, for the stocks have been rising holding fixed, continue to target stocks gradually bargain opening near at the bottom of the box. The shock is retained during the end position, according to the time rhythm of the high throw bargain hunting.