Tribes run Hot E Cig kits win grail king [recommended] whether ignorance of the brick house big Leos how advocating corrupt heavyweights, how to sing empty gem, change not statistics show the truth, here’s a list of data real reflects the gem is worthy of Chinese stock market gains dragon head! Previous 7 ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA years big bear is to corruption heavyweight PetroChina, China Construction Bank, led by high misappropriating public after a road lead to Shanghai from 6124 repeatedly fell, and the launch of the gem gem is in December 2012 4 585 points take the lead in the bottom of the bull market started the journey, because Shanghai heavyweights repeatedly zapan, prev postponed to 2013 June 25, only to see the end of history, the gem is the leading hero worthy of Chinese stock market and Shanghai stock market heavyweight corruption has been dragged down the Shanghai stock market rises the culprit! On the other hand, statistical data, the gem from 585 to 94.1 points, the index rose by 7 times, stock average rose more than 8 times,
stock index from 1849 to 5178 rose less than 3 times, and Shanghai two barrels of oil, banking, led by heavy weights under high cycle data never run to
win the market when, iron data ruthless crushed those sing more corruption in the heavyweights, sing the air gem ignorance Guping big Leos bring calamity to the country and the E-CIG CHINA people lie! Stock market bull and bear the conversion always leading to fall as a symbol, the gem is at the top of the June 5 this day by day, while the Shanghai stock market is after the fall of the
gem in the June 15, it peaked, iron data shows Shanghai is always follow the trend of the gem of the trend! Those having ulterior motives or a frog in the well Disposable e cigarette Guping big Leos ridiculous sing empty gem sing the Shanghai stock market heavy weights, E-CIGARETTE CHINA iron data prove that gem cannot back up Shanghai Forever unable to break away from the big bear market, under the impact of stock index futures stock market situation, the Shanghai stock market heavy weights is extremely easy to be manipulated and can only delay the time Shanghai back to the bull! Historical data prove that the gem is worthy of Chinese stock market leading, but small cap stocks elasticity, rose more in the atmosphere of the bear market decline will be more, but once the market stabilizes, oversold gem will still is several times than the Shanghai stock market stocks rose! Top leading gem seer, inevitable also meeting prior to the Shanghai stock market bottomed out, so the Chinese stock market if the expected return to the upward trend only sustenance gem like
at the
end of 2012 as early gains in China’s stock market! Gratifying is today the gem sharply lower after Mechanical Mod and RDA a road turn red, while the Shanghai Stock Exchange has also appeared in the rare geological, if Shanghai day trading volume is less than or close to 30 million dead volume appeared, gem bottomed out after the Shanghai will then bottomed out! This afternoon we pay close attention to the gem rose and the Shanghai stock market can continue shrinking! The Internet only text Jiepan circles the red sea dragon gold online address: 34 VIP.