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http://www.akkeps23.cn/news/html/?3768.html So it is used, and then a long time, actually feel good legal blog, but also gradually considerate of editors, this is not the Stockholm syndrome. To think, as a teacher, you can speak freely? If not, how can you ask the editors to freely choose the draft? I love to think, in fact, the editors are mostly agree with my point of view, the shield is helpless. This point can be proved by facts: in ten years, I have won many awards, was named the most influential bloggers and the like. p my blog is divided into many topics, for example, human
Cheap Kevin Durant V Low Top Women From China rights, freedom of speech, equality, the rule of law, the history of the law, the judiciary, the constitution so, ten columns, which i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes are centered around the a mighty theme: human freedom and liberation. I think this is not only the cause of Engels Marx’s lifelong struggle, but also the common value orientation of all the serious religions in the world. Jesus in order to achieve this goal is pinned to die on the cross, the Buddha to give up the prince’s life thinking about it, even Chinese Confucian I don’t approve of its main academic, also tries to under the monarchy system reduce pain this is a helpless, but know the good choice. I like that to disdain to Legalists offer knife ruler. Now to become a jurist arms, I pity them. my pen, including the whole of mankind, but mainly the weak. This is not because I do not love the strong, but because the strong have their own protection is i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes enough, and the weak are not, they need
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