letter to build: the key to promote the European unity is the financial strength of p Phoenix I buy Nike air foamposite one Bo reported: recently in Scotland have
Blake Griffin Elite Shoes Men Online Sale a referendum, everybody votes whether to leave England, British Prime Minister David Cameron is poor said please leave, he did not take the as heinous things apart, no unified as a must use force to reach the, World War II, when Hitler had a period of Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men time is his right is enveloped the entire Europe, Nike Air Max Sale For kids to now Hitler was on the war did not reach the results, now rely on the unification of the European Union and the European market, cultural factors are also very important, do not know the two to see how. to build credibility: I think here is not culture, actually is to promote the financial, I think a case is the bourgeoisie all together in promoting joint capitalist capital, is the earliest iron and coal alliance, and then to the development of the six I love Nike air foamposite pro countries at the time, to develop the or ten countries, twelve countries, here is the most important dynamic boundary from the capital, capital must find a way to see I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women the price of capital today has a few percent rate, his cost is very low, they must find the cap
Mens Blake Griffin Shoes II Red Whiteital to find a way of capital is to pursue freedom and profits in addition, a commodity is to find a way out, the unit price of the larger market goods will be lower, the two is very important, and then find a way out in the labor, because today we see 28 countries inside the EU, he Who will be the new accession countries such as Hungary, every year to give a lot of money,
http://51spyder.cn/news/html/?203485.html because Switzerland, France, Holland, Germany is capital abundant countries, technology is relatively abundant, and those of the backward countries he such as the production of a car, he may use hundreds of thousands of European, but in fact, the product and expensive, than the products of developed countries is as. p so he has a strength of expansion, such as say we give East Germany merged, West Germany is a large number of purchased land and factories in East Germany, to give the transformation, because they are capital and capital to find a way out, then West Germany’s labor Bidongde labor cheaper, because he is the difference between the a West German mark is equal to two East German mark,
Blake Griffin Shoes II Men Online Sale so labor force in West Germany and in accordance with the East German workers I like Nike foamposite one can in accordance with the West German social welfare to enjoy West equal social welfare, so this is a winwin results and capital to find a way out, the labor force found higher prices. p Wang Chong: the unification of the two Germanys I say a culture is culture gene, you are capital, capital to make two national unity. We are different, if capital can bring the two countries together, then China and the United States are not merged into a country. letter to build: before the United States has the
Blake Griffin Shoes Online Sale argument. Phoenix Bo: but in fact this is impossible, because there is a strong cultural differences behind, Dr. Yang to make a judge, which two you say which p Pei Chang Yang: I which are not, I am a third, I is called win, because I in the reunification of Germany and later the European Union market fusion this