Visit the blog: discount lebron james website 57160 bloggers integral: 40 Bowen number: 4 opening time: 20100608 recently back to i love cheap jordans wholesale hometown of Tongchuan City, contact with a series of friends of his hometown, and some want to open clothing store, some wants to open a restaurant, in short, is everyone wants to engage in a little business, such people can be found everywhere in today’s society, which represents the idea of quite a few young people. When pan Xiaochun asked them to shop, they give the answer
Air Jodan 3 AAA Men Wholesale is often ridiculous and funny, the funny thing is they regard marketing as the cabbage, not funny is because this is a problem that exists in the majority of young people. So I would like to put this thing through an example simply say. Before a friend of 40 square meters of monthly sales in about 20 thousand and 2, and later I went i like lebron james 2014 to the bookstore for marketing diagnosis, I found that the existence of a number of marketing problems in the bookstore. First, the book store is too sparse, can not produce the customer you want the book here must have some heart. Second, bookstores often sell books often sell light, inventory is not enough. Third, the bookstore’s off rate is very high, but the rate of entry is very low. Fourth, there is no sales promotion activities. Find the problem, pan Xi
Mens Air Jordan 1 Low AAA Whiteaochun help friends gradually solve the these problems, solve the third problem, I found that bookstore numbers are the southern and Northern Dynasties, the walk is towards things, if not turned away and can’t see the bookstore signs. Therefore, we do a east west toward the listing, the printed book of words. Bookstore through several small marketing improvement. Bookstore sales in the last five months were 30 thousand and 8, 30 thousand and 9, 40 thousand and 1, 40 thousand and 8, 50 thousand and 3. Profit from the past six thousand or seven thousand yuan per month, up to 2W million. A friend is the cook was born, last year opened a 30 square meters of small restaurants, business can only be maintained, each sales of 1 million yuan, i love jordan nubuck men month net profit discount kids air jordan shoes of more than 2000 yuan, if the count opened restaurant opportunity cost, in fact, restaurant has been at a loss. A few months ago I went to the restaurant to do marketing diagnosis, I found the following problems, first, the restaurant meal times the limited throughput, second, cook a little busy, after a meal point. Third, the restaurant back more than a few new sources, fourth, the lack of characteristics of the restaurant, i like air jordan shoes men the lack of consumer spontaneous word of mouth delivery of information content. Fifth, food drink, drinks sales have been on the go. Above five problems, I to a friend advised: first, change the table layout of the restaurant, I found dining most is 1 or is 2 people, at the dinner table, often in the customer at the table full
Air Jordan 1 AAA Men Wholesale of people, left, so we will past a table with four chairs changed into a table and two chairs, and a table and a chair, we increased the missing table number, reduce the excess number of chairs. Old customers are encouraged to take out meals, every old customer for at least 38 away consumption, send wolf bottle of wine, full 28 consumption away send Wong Lo Kat a bottle, 18 away send sprite bottle. Through the above two methods, the hotel has a significant increase in the throughput. Second, increase the amount of time the meal is not a meal, taking into account the arrival of a small restaurant consumption are functional consumption, that
Air Jordan 3.5 AAA Men Wholesale is, hungry for a meal type of consumers, for this kind of consumers, so that they are not dining;