Visit the blog: 80462 bloggers integral: 83 points Bowen number: 12 opening time: 20101202 label: every human a blood group are with specific antigen, and the phytohemagglutinin a kind of adhesion proteins in food effect in different ways. When the food plant hemagglutinin and the consumption of blood match, it will produce antiaging, access to ideal weight and improve immunity effect. Here, recommend the following according to i love jordan nubuck men blood type classification of healthy recipes for readers reference. Type O blood, adapt to high protein foods commonly eaten: beef, lamb, sea bass, egg, skim milk, tofu, garlic, radish, lettuce, onion, sweet potato and pumpkin, apple, citrus, grapes, pears, watermelons and peaches, olive oil or linseed oil. A small amount of food goose, fat pork, ham and, caviar, octopus, ice cream, yogurt, whole milk, mushrooms, olives, potatoes, white rice and other, corn oil or sunflower oil. Can be fattening food: wheat and its byproducts, corn, Sauteed Green Beans, lentils, cabbage and cauliflower. Click to view original morning a cup of salt water, after an apple have an omelette, but bite the bite, don’t want to eat i like lebron james 2014 any more, really terrible. Noon to eat their meals, a plate of dumplings, a lunch i like air jordan shoes men box black fungus broccoli
Mens Jordan Big Ups Grey White fried chicken, and a red peppers circle, seems to have a good appetite, eat good support. Night, lunch and left, not to heat directly eat, it is estimated that noon not good digestion, eat three dumplings, chicken won’t eat the. Someone just said recently seems thin, hee hee, Touzhaoyue! What is the breakfast No. 9, right,
Jordan Flight Shoes Wholesale is an apple for lunch is called old uncle Jimmy two pie and a ice cream: taro pie Pineapple Pie Chocolate Sundae evening and friends went to the supermarket, has tried to control myself, eat an egg cake, a bowl of milk and a bowl of noodles. Found in a very
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Jordan Flight 23 RST Low Men Wholesale although Tremella is very nourishing, but after overnight will produce harmful nitrate, see to the Xiaoya to frighten, ha ha. Or sleepy, last night and sleep late, depressed, how so no restraint! Old rules in the morning, get up a cup of warm water, because the room put the water dispenser discount kids air jordan shoes and salt, so this does not remind me to remember. A big apple on the road, I do not know is the habit or how, breakfast apple instead of me, I will not feel hungry. To the unit to pull the stomach may be yesterday night to sleep too late, has been watching TV drama to more than four am, think of the morning to go to work, and finally did not look at the final set. 7 in the morning the people have no discount lebron james website spirit, to get up early to drink the cup of warm water, on the road to eat the apple, bought a piece of cake to just do, to the unit had a stomachache, do not know is not the cake is too hard, is always difficult. At noon did not eat Steamed Buns, some tofu, when I’m gone, really terrible. In the evening because the stomach is comfortable to drink.