web site development. this is the international top Chinese domain names. URL global open registration, issued a media article titles. In this article, the concept of old habits, change, input inconvenience. URL domain name was bad mouthing for several reasons. in fact, I had to. URL domain name can develop feel ambiguous way, which makes the Chinese Internet becomes more simple, should be sought after market; secondly, the current Internet habits or ways, domain name and so important?, however, after four months of observation, it is said:. URL domain name can grow? Seemed out of place, should reflect on is. When the site domain name peaked ? The future will go from here? from the third toplevel domain name ownership Statistics Agency ntldstats the latest data show that the international top Chinese domain names. URL global open registration only four months, the domain name registration has exceeded 57000, in the world’s new top level domain name in the top fourth, top level domain names in Chinese ranked first. even up to four months, which put a lot of old Chinese toplevel domain name behind, and many of the new anti English toplevel domain name, web site domain name. so that the performance of the hard question: web site domain name. development of many people may ask, looks very ordinary web site domain name. why can even up to four months in the end is who? In? How to use I want to clarify the abovementioned problems, also can understand. URL domain name can not grow. first of all, from the. URL domain name positioning point of view, the registration authority will be identified as mobile service. Simply put, is different from the traditional domain name services. URL domain name from its birth, is the integration of many factors of mobile internet. It is said that the registration. URL domain name, can simultaneously access to micro channel, APP and exclusive customized mobile phone website. that is to say, web site domain name. through the fool, service, the use of the domain name. The site population coverage to all enterprises. Especially for small and mediumsized enterprises lack of money, people don’t realize, product or service effort, to spend a lot of money to the mobile internet. the second, from the web site. the use of environment, PC, mobile phone access to comprehensive support to enhance the experience. Any service or product, if not a good experience, will have a good future. Many people regard. URL domain name and the early years of the Chinese real name to be confused, apparently confused the essential difference between the universal and the plugin implementation. just because.. the domain name is the international toplevel domain, so, web site domain name. in the PC browser can achieve direct access to support, in particular, many mobile phone manufacturers including apple, is the full realization of the net.