why does Kong Zi want to denigrate the Duke Spirit of Wei? Kong Zi had to say of Weiling is the road headed, Kang after hearing the son asked him: since it is so, why not patriotic downfall? Kong Zi explained: the state of Wei Zhong Shuyu in charge of foreign affairs, responsible for the sacrifice I wish?. Wang Sunjia control the army, because of this, how to fall! The answer has been the collapse of itself, can be used Xian Chen is not the road headed, the road headed certainly can not use Xian chen. dialogue in the Analects of Confucius? The constitution article fourteenth sub words ask Duke Spirit of Wei of no way also, Kang Tzu said: the husband is, Xi without losing their? Kong Zi said: the rule of Zhongshu guests, I wish to cure temple, Wang Sunjia treats the army?. With such officers as these, how should he lose his state? Translated into modern paper is Confucius: talking about Wei Ling all sorts of retroaction and decrepit and muddleheaded, Kang asked: since it is so, why not perish? Confucius explained: patriotic Zhong Shuyu in charge of foreign affairs, responsible for the sacrifice I wish?. Wang Sunjia control the army, because of this, how will perish! Is it right? Weiling road headed, try can clearly see. Duke Spirit of Wei in the spring and Autumn period is the twentyeighth generation of the monarch Wei, surname Ji Mingyuan. Born in 540 BC, died in 493 BC, his achievements there are a few points. a joint put down the rebellion four nobles. First, according to the Zuo Zhuan records: Zhao Gong twenty years, because the elder brother Tie Ling despise our patriotic left Kou Qibao, against Kita Miyaki, Zhushi Pu, Sui and homogeneous leopard, childe toward joint rebellion. At that time, Duke Spirit of Wei Ping Shou is still only eighteen years old, after that the insurgency, but the situation is out of control, he had to take a few people escaped death birds the place, not far from the PU, near North Palace like the steward attack Qi Ling in the evening rush back leopard, with the northern Palace’s covenant, first, hold the force. The second day again with people vows, rapid stabilization of the situation, and then start the accountability, Zhushi Pu, son Chao see the hopeless situation, forced to flee to the state of jin. Wei Ling killed one of the root causes of the insurgency Xuan Jiang, completely stable patriotic situation. Bei Gong’s because of of power, power has been growing stronger, almost could not control. Duke Spirit of Wei and Qi Jinggong conspiracy, sent North Palace node mission to Qi, let Qi Jinggong find reason to the North Node arrested and sent troops to invade Palace guard. Duke Spirit of Wei Qi invasion to blame North Palace knot, took the opportunity to weaken the North Palace’s forces, and then Qi Jing Gongmeng Yuerang its retreat, not only solved the North Palace’s unwieldy threat, and not to make the minister heart suspicion, while strengthening the relationship with Qi alliance, is three birds with one stone. two, to accept the criticism and suggestion. Lu Jin Wei cutting, not to borrow unexpectedly directly through, still return. Wei Ling pie