with the expansion of the electronic commerce market, shopping guide community has emerged. For a woman’s beautiful said, mushroom street, mother and child shopping guide, the United States and shopping guide, for a man of the shopping guide community is less and less. Because of many reasons, the most important is that men rarely spend their own money, they do not have the habit of shopping, more spending budget allocated to women and families, especially young men, are in the golden age of life, not too much effort to improve the quality of life. pumpkin said nanguashuo to do is, men to provide guide for quality of life, after scouring the world has both practical and quality products, combining the science, Raiders, conversation like knowledge, presented to the user, so that men can efficiently access to walk in the world throughout the product quality, and trust based on the rapid formation of purchase decision. In addition to the content, the pumpkin says there will be content to help men become more interesting, more happy, more healthy, more life. life is the first principle of the men said the team to pumpkin after 85 and 90 boys, have been married, too, have a si
Womens Nike Free 3.0 V5 Black Silverngle dog. Everyone is the pursuit of the ultimate digital fancier, and products, are life supremacy. People with clustering, congenial temperament of the people will come together, pumpkin said team of world, a better life have a obvious mania, they also have some fever, as well a good group
http://ilmsys.com/Blog/nike-australia-has-the-best-sport-shoes.html of friends, some digital enthusiasts, some cargo super and playing shoes Daren. These people are pumpkin said content source, pumpkin said the content from the editor and part from the external talent monkfish and not in the traditional sense of buyers Da know better life interest. pumpkin says cofounder Liao Xianghong is the most typical life oriented. He keeps a cat and is planning to keep a dog. Weekend time spent with your lover together baking such home life, food are Guangzhou size stores can Weiweidaolai. Liao Xianghong believes that most young men are struggling for the cause, not too much energy to enjoy life. To improve the quality of life, do not leave a little: shopping. men, especially those who have just graduated and worked for a few years, want to have a better quality of life, to give themselves, to their own women, to their families, but a lot of people’s impression to improve the quality of life must be a lot of money, which is not realistic for most people. Pumpkin said logic is, there is relationship between quality of life and money, but not absolutely dependent on money, quality of life is within reach. for the scene of the boutique shopping guide: practical, quality and efficiency of in the past, men will not go shopping, with the development of ecommerce, the men’s online shopping habits have been developed. Behind the success of the Ma is China hand chop women, is actually a misunderstanding, because of the large proportion of Taobao users are male, and Jingdong

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