stock index this week as experienced a major earthquake, although the circuit breakers on Friday was an emergency stop, but the aftershocks seem to be still, both the two cities opened slightly higher Friday in Shanghai and Shenzhen has suffered a wave of shortterm upside retracement, intraday rapid recharge since October 8th the gap, although the gap to fill in the trend to eliminate a hidden danger, with the plate the coal and steel plate strong move index also shock rebound, but eventually closing out a rebound of Kline form, above
Kids Air Jordan 11 Shoes Online Sale the subject pressed to the 5 day moving average, the K means that the shortterm market bottom, the author suggested Friday for T in exchange for the blog, I think next week to open a new position and low three, next week there will be a great reason to permit entry point. More exciting content friends can return to my blog home page to view live content. Market tracking analysis! The first from the disk, on Friday led the two plates of coal and steel, the two plate collective I buy Nike air foamposite one staged tide limit, the market for the supply side reforms is expected to be relatively s trong, b
Kids Air Jordan 11 KJ1103ut the money effect is poor, in addition, the author suggests that the two pre board the main funds involved, but the implementation of circuit breakers after that, the main funding is for quilt state, do not rule out the use of good news on Friday to implement selfhelp, also after the brokerage sector changes significantly, the previous leading stock transaction must pay attention to, but the author analysis from the technical point of view, there are shortterm adjustment needs, so the hunters still wait for obvious signals to. market trend, the market Friday covering the gap quickly recovered but suppressed the daily level of the 5 day moving average is more obvious, but not in the expected market performance since the cancellation circuit breakers, is more heavyweight support the Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men market caused by small cap stocks, the performance is not good, from this point on Friday the time Nike Air Max Sale For kids trend can be seen above the average white Friday is still strong yellow on average, the large cap varieties outperform small cap varieties, but the market still has no obvious differentiation pattern two eight, with I like Nike foamposite one a trend of certain early I love Nike air foamposite pro days, but on the other hand also reminded investors need to look at the bottom of the opportunity in the secondline blue chip to. finally, from the point of view of the weekly level, the market a single giant Yin formation trend of decapitation guillotine, the short and medium term
Dwight Howard Shoes Online Sale moving average all below and the contour of the giant yam has space, dropping to around 3000 points, so the next need to pay attention to 3000 points of support, daily level due to the implementation of the fuse mechanism, technical indicators and the amount of energy has gone bad, reference significance is not big, but is still should pay attention to in daily to close out the bottom of the lilies, at the end of this need and
Dwight Howard Shoes Men Online Sale a Kline is verified, so I think the real Hunters Point in the next week, I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women then I will in a blog to make sharing.