you must in the area heard this voice, recycling old mobile phone, the old computer., these waste electronic products have become the real damage to a peaceful and prosperous time. objects, but there are people who regularly come to reclaim these things. They also have value? in fact, these waste electronic products, in the open after the whole body is a treasure, intact components can be reused, which belongs to the metal is very scarce and precious metal, can be re refining. was in the industry allpowerful grand now like the waste of the mobile phone, then burst in network entertainment empire this dream, Shanda is accelerating break up the whole into parts, the various parts will sell. Internal this grand this mobile phone, the quality of two parts the best is the royal literature and grand game, in the grand game privatization process, Royal already no longer is the largest shareholder, change to the completion of the backdoor stripping operations, and now appears to be the beginning of the turn of Royal literature. 11 month 6 days, rumors of royal literature about to 4050 million price to sell to friends, then to Tencent, Shanda literature to verify, Tencent responded in a very direct, called rumors, declined to comment, and a grand literary response is quite intriguing, Sheng large literature to the friends said, the company introduced new investors is not listing Corporation, royal literature before Xiao Dong will serve as the CEO CFO beam.┬ároyal literature to some extent clarified Tencent acquisition, but we need to know is the grand literature to some extent to also have no relation to deny or the new investment and Tencent are inextricably. Tencent good abacus for a grand literary gossip, Tencent is not the first actor, as early as the Tencent, Ali and Baidu layer to a certain extent, has been linked with royal literature. BAT sees the same company, this has proven a grand literary success, its position in the network literature, at least 23 years can not be shaken. BAT requires a grand literary reason is actually very simple, because the royal literature perfect entertainment ecological chain of their own to some extent to network literature copyright based films, games, TV launched a full range of layout. this is the original Grand buy start and many other literary website packed into a grand literary intention, but now the grand literature although successful, but look to do wedding for its people. in the process, we need to pay attention to is that, unlike Ali, Tencent and Baidu’s have business network literature, Baidu spent nearly 200000000 yuan to buy a Chinese net from the perfect aspect of network literature market ranked second, Tencent is digging in to play team to build after the founding of Chinese network. But in the aspect of Chinese acquisition by Baidu, started from the beginning to drift away, behind the 17K pursuers instead began approaching,