CCTV network news (News Network): of the inter Parliamentary Union Chaudhry invited members i like lebron james 2016 of the Standing Committee of the
Lebron James Low Top Shoes Men National People’s Congress Zhang Dejiang 19 to 21, held in Lusaka, Zambia’s president, Parliamentary Union section 134 of the meeting and delivered a speech. 19 evening, Zhang Dejiang attended the opening ceremony of the general assembly. More than 670 delegates from more than 130 countries attended the meeting. 20, Zhang Dejiang delivered a speech entitled "Discussion on cooperation in the general assembly to promote democracy and common development". He pointed out that the development of socialist i like air jordan shoes men democratic politics is a firm pursuit of china. Over the years, our country always adhere to the adhere to from reality and go on the leading the
Lebron James Olympic Shoes Men people, adhere to the reform and opening to the outside world, absorb the beneficial results of foreign achievements of the political civilization, looking for discount kids air jordan shoes a suitable for China’s political development road, formed a set of unique characteristics of the political system. The development of the socialist democratic politics with Chinese characteristics provides a vivid and successful example for the diversification of the democratic practice. Zhang Dejiang stressed that China and Africa have always been the fate of society. In 2015 session of the Forum on China Africa cooperation Johannesburg Summit, President Xi Jinping and African leaders agreed to comprehensive strategic partnership, strengthen the relationship between the five pillars of China Africa relations, proposed our country future three years of non party around the implementation of the "Top Ten Project". We i love cheap jordans wholesale will actively promote the implementation of the results of the summit, to better benefit the people of China and Africa. Zhang Dejiang said, China is implementing a new round of high-level opening, actively promote the construction of The Belt and Road President Xi Jinping advocated ", will give the world including providing more opportunities to developing countries. 20 pm, Zhang Dejiang met with the president of discount lebron james website the general assembly to attend the meeting, Egypt, South Africa, President Mbete, speaker of the house of representatives of the Mozambique makamo speaker. Zhang Dejiang said that China and Egypt, South Africa, Mozambique, the traditional friendship between the three countries, the Johannesburg summit to deepen China Africa friendship and cooperation as a new impetus to open up a broad space. Hope that the legislative authorities to actively promote the results of the summit in the country as soon as possible landing. Three spokesman said, is willing to work with the Chinese people’s Congress to i love jordan nubuck men strengthen exchanges and strive to the consensus of the two leaders, the specific results of cooperation in order to promote bilateral relations, China Africa relations continue to develop in depth. 21, Zhang Dejiang attended the meeting of the leaders of the Asian and African countries at a breakfast meeting, said China will be a member of the Asian and African countries, to promote the development of the Council capacity building. Zhang Dejiang said that China is a developing country, will unswervingly safeguard the common interests of developing countries, and constantly expand South South cooperation and jointly improve the ability of independent development. Parliamentary Union president, secretary general, Zambia, Rwanda, Kenya, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kampuchea, six parliamentary leaders or representatives attended the breakfast meeting. They said that thanks to the support and assistance provided by the Chinese side, is willing to continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with china. Wang Chen to participate in the above activities. Editor: Sun Ailin sn146 article key words:
Lebron James Olympic Shoes Zhang Dejiang